Talkwell Therapist Colchester About Our Services

As Psychotherapists and Counsellors we aid people to explore emotions, behaviours and feelings to relate them with your experiences,

The clients are then able to sit and reflect on themselves as you are the experts of your life, look at what could be happening and make changes if you wish.

Its about gaining knowledge about ourselves, we do not give advice or tell you what to do. We work with various ages from 5 years old upwards, couples, families, groups also offering mentoring, supervision as well as training

Our therapists have delivered various workshops including abuse and control , self harm, step families and the impact.

We support mental health, (anxiety, panic attacks, abuse all levels, low moods, fears and fobias)

Bereavement, separation of families, challenging dynamics at home/work, financial challenges.

All our therapists are DBR checked and some work within school settings

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Our Approach


From aged 5, working with various issues including anxiety, separation of parents, self harm, abuse, fears and phobias, sibling conflict


Self Harm, Low Moods, Anxieties, and Panic Attacks, Abuse (sexual, emotional, physical, financial)


Working through communication, separation, loss of a loved one, difficult dynamics and changes, control and power within the family


Working with infidelity, fractious relationship , communication difficulties, financial difficulties, abuse


Working with various agencies/individuals looking at emotional/stress support to assist in maintaining healthy and clear minds.


Various Workshops including, confidence, self esteem, self harm, anxiety, panic attacks, anger control, abuse and the impact.

Understanding impact on children around separation and divorce,

Building Resilience, step families and the challenges,